Gallery /Competition

Win Free Signed copy.

Would you like your images published in a book?

You could win a signed copy of the book.

Send your U.K. wildlife images  via email we need images suitable for printing and suitable for this website.

The image must be yours, please ensure subject in the email says the name of the wildlife photograph i.e ladybird.

State in the email the image is yours and we have permission to use it.

If your image is chosen we can also place the image in our gallery and link to your

website or page if you wish so please let us know.

Should your image be chosen for the front cover, you will be emailed and asked for a U.K. postal address (sorry we can only post within the U.K. )

and you will be sent a signed copy of the book.

Please check on our ‘books’ page and make sure a book has not already been published,

otherwise  all U.K. wildlife images required!

Urgently needed images of all U.K. bats and the water shrew.

email your images to [email protected]

  Gallery image coming soon ~ sorry busy writing!