Wildlife and snow

If you are struggling in the snow, take a moment and think of your local wildlife, how to help birds click here We birds struggle with finding food and water when there is deep snow. Please click the link above to find out how to help. Thank you Janet Robin Read my book

Please investigate

I live in Hereford the city was a thriving place lots of small businesses been there for generations, lots of neglected backyards teeming with wildlife. It’s all gone! businesses and wildlife, the towns dead. Hereford county is huge one of the richest in wildlife in the U.K. nearly every species of bat is here great crested newts dormice water […]

The Stag Beetle

Help! I Just heard that in the U.K. a certain timber company has bought up U.K. woods /forests and have a machine that can cut down a whole tree strip it and make it ready to load on a lorry in 15 seconds! Insectageddon is happening now. Insectageddon -click to read! This really is a […]

The bumblebee

We bumblebees are under threat of extinction in the U.K. you humans can make a massive difference. We have already lost two species and due to habitat change, the climate catastrophe and pesticides we are in danger of losing more of our twenty-four species. What can humans do to help? Plant more native flowers some non-native flowers are not suitable […]

The dormouse

We dormice are becoming very rare, there is a serious risk of us becoming extinct. The main cause is the loss of habitat, hedges are being removed, or flayed we sleep during the day in the hedges so we don’t stand a chance when this method is used. We are so small, people don’t even […]

Daisy the house mouse tells her tale

Daisy is a house mouse who tells the tale of her ancestors and how they arrived in the U.K. It’s quite an adventure to get to the U.K. follow her story. This book is part of a series of British wildlife bedtime stories for children. Each book stands alone so they can be read in […]

Smiler the happy red squirrel

Smiler is a happy squirrel who loves life. Smiler comes upon a notice which threatens to spoil everything. See how Smiler deals with the challenge. This book is part of a series of British wildlife bedtime stories for children. Each book stands alone so they can be read in any order. Click here to buy […]

William the fox escapes to the country

William the fox isn’t enjoying life in the city . . . Join William as he and his friend Vivienne seek out a new life in the country. These are bedtime storybooks that can be read to your child at any age, adults enjoy reading these books to children! Each book stands alone so they […]

Blue the wolf returns

The wolf is extinct in the U.K. or is it? Perhaps we do not see what is right in front of us. Follow Blue and his pack on his secret mission to save Sherwood forest. Blue ~ is a little different to my other stories, it may take a little more explaining to the very […]