Please investigate

I live in Hereford the city was a thriving place lots of small businesses been there for generations, lots of neglected backyards teeming with wildlife.

It’s all gone! businesses and wildlife, the towns dead.

Hereford county is huge one of the richest in wildlife in the U.K. nearly every species of bat is here great crested newts dormice water shrews to name but a few.

They are now destroying that, organic farms are being sprayed  ~ they belong to the duchy thought he knew better.

Hedges are being ripped up houses built at an alarming rate, a really alarming rate! The countryside is being covered in houses. I heard humans saying there is no infrastructure to cope with any of the building.

Thought I found sanctuary in an area where a farmer has been paid to put aside for wildlife, only to find he has big weekend shoots.

This county has gone mad, I am only a grey squirrel have no facts or figures just what I see happening around me, please investigate before it’s too late.

It will be too late when all the trees have gone and we are all gasping for air, you cannot produce trees in five minutes no matter how clever you humans think you are.

I haven’t mentioned any of this in my children’s book I wouldn’t want to frighten them, but if something isn’t done books are all we will have to remember the wildlife with.

Ashley the naughty grey squirrel

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