The dormouse

We dormice are becoming very rare, there is a serious risk of us becoming extinct. The main cause is the loss of habitat, hedges are being removed, or flayed we sleep during the day in the hedges so we don’t stand a chance when this method is used.

We are so small, people don’t even see the damage they do to us.

Hedges give us the cover we need to get from place to place and meet new mates. If we become isolated the colony will die out.

Our woodlands are getting smaller and more isolated also people are allowing sheep and deer (overpopulation of deer ~ but that’s something the wolf can tell you about) into the woods which is stopping new growth and removing the understory. We need the understory as we wisely do not cross cleared areas.

Climate change is interfering with our hibernation patterns, and also the food available to build up enough fat to survive the winter.

We have now become so rare there is a five hundred pound fine for handling us without a licence! But do use common sense if you are rescuing me from a cat, just do it! Then contact someone like the people’s trust for endangered species if you can get hold of try some of the other groups, but don’t just release me!

There are lots of dormice groups, most just count us which I am sure is useful to you humans but what we really need is more safe habitat. People put up boxes which are ok but you can’t beat the natural nests.

Please help us,  if you have land that you can make suitable and join up with your neighbours please do so. The Japanese make us bridges to cross the roads, and I believe in the U.K. they have started experimenting with this idea.

If you do not have land or a large garden you can help many of your local charities not all want money some need actual help.

Some charities like Gloucester Wildlife Trust are helping dormice they have an appeal for us at the moment.

woodland trust the woodland trust & trees for life are great at planting native trees ~ please do this at home ~ plant trees~ the more native trees and hedges the better.

Most charities need both your time and money please support them.

In Victorian times there were so many of us that children kept us as pets.

If you have a child or grandchild please let them know about us, look us up online and learn all about us unless something is done we may not be around when they grow up.

Read my book to them, I hope they enjoy it,

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