William the fox escapes to the country

William the fox isn’t enjoying life in the city . . . Join William as he and his friend Vivienne seek out a new life in the country. These are bedtime storybooks that can be read to your child at any age, adults enjoy reading these books to children! Each book stands alone so they can be read in any order. Win a Sue Wild book that hasn’t been printed yet visit www.suewild.co.uk for details. More about the books I have used photographs, to show that this wildlife exists. It is real and right here in the U.K. It is not always easy to find the exact photograph for the text! For this, I hope you will forgive me. ~ Photographers please see my website! The pages with the blue background are information pages. The green background pages are the story as told by the main character. I have done my best with the facts, but as you know these can change as we learn more about our secretive wildlife. The idea of these books is to start an interest which I hope parents / guardians of our future generations will encourage further. To know when a new book is published and a chance to win a Sue Wild book . . .

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