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Welcome to, the home of author Sue Wild. My books are written and designed as bedtime stories, to rekindle the dying practice of parents reading to their children before bed.

The importance of reading before bedtime can not be underestimated, and the impact of just a few minutes reading to your child will reverberate throughout the rest of their lives.

I’ve written these books in the traditional, ‘old fashioned’ way, and shouldn’t get children too overexcited before bedtime! Hopefully, they will light a spark, and get children interested in the wildlife around them.

These books are all written about U.K. wildlife – something which used to be abundant, but sadly is reducing at a rapid rate.

I have never attempted to aim these books at a particular age group. Every child is different, and your child will soon pick out their favourites. Any long or difficult words can be explained during reading – creating interaction between you, your child, and the story.

For further learning, we provide links to fact sheets about each animal and relevant wildlife charities. These charities are in need of your help, and would appreciate any support you can provide for them.

10% of all profit from these books will go to a relevant registered charity.

 I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Sue Wild

[email protected]